About the band

The Gilded Revolution Project is a trio like none other.  Originating in a basement of a small town  in 2018 in response to an ad for musical collaboration, the band members were quickly taken by the talents of one another.  While the members don't have any formal music training, their talents will have you thinking otherwise.  They started playing locally together at coffee shops performing mostly covers. Musical influences include ranges from indie, blues, rock and soul.  Gilded Revolution Project play from their heart and souls completely, and when you hear them for yourself you will understand how truly inspiring that really is.

Aubree Belle





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"Music has to come from the heart. Whether performing or listening, you just have to feel it"    -Sam

"Music has guided me through some dark times and also enlightened me in so many unimaginable ways"  -Aubree Belle

"The beauty of rhythm is all around us"   -Brent

**Coming Soon**

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